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We’re a group of 20 young adults ages 18-25 from many different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives across the U.S. What brings us together is our passion for creating change for mental health. Improving mental health means pushing forward the ideas and leadership of the next generation. That’s why we came together to create this tool. Our hope is that it will inspire others to join us in advocating at the intersection of mental health and social issues.

Other Partners in this Work

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National Mental Health Advisory Board (NAB)

Photo of Ysabelle Abraham
Ysabelle Abraham
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Jorge Alvarez
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Rachel Cohen
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Jeremy Fine
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Kaitlin Ingram
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Nicolette Kolpakov
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Kelly Maguire
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William McClain
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Rose Nguyen
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Rachel Nielsen
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John Padilla
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Jimena Perez
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Alyssa Rizo
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Alexandra Salazar
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Carissa Samuel
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Ilakkiya Senthilkumar
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Gabrielle Smith
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Trace Terrell
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Claire Yu
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Olivia Zhen

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